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Metal fly has a technical office able to realize specific workings on demand.

Moulding Department

Metal Fly is equipped to print on special plastic sheet and also on specific customer requirement .

Welding Department

The welding department Metal Fly guarantees professionalism in the correct application of the techniques TIG MIG brazing .

Processing and tubular steel and aluminum

Metal Fly is able to perform laser cutting processing with regard to sheets and tubes , curving and bending of the tubular , blanking and bending sheet metal .


Metal Fly has a coating plant in epoxy powder with a wide range of colors. The dyes used are either those unified RAL both those prepared on request.

Electroplating and cleaning mirror

Metal Fly is capable of making an insurance product in close cooperation with qualified suppliers that provide special finishes such as chrome, nickel , brass plating and galvanizing .

Subcontracting of metal finished articles and packaged

Metal Fly can deliver any finished product with industrial packaging or single packaging in box with customer specifications .

Fast delivery service with their own means

Metal Fly has the means of varying scope to ensure a rapid transit service throughout .