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Our History

METAL FLY has been operating for over 25 years in the field of the furniture
sub-supply, the production of customized articles upon customer’s request and the hardware. The company boasts advanced technologies and a production system
which guarantees the quality according to the most demanding European standards.
The results of this constant development, the commitment to adapt the offer to the market needs and the experience in this field have lead METAL FLY to extend its range of products in order to offer a more complete and efficient service, able to meet the most different needs of the various productive sectors within metal sub-supply. This choice has allowed METAL FLY to reach an extremely prominent position in the market. This dynamic and continuously developing company provides its customers with a constant quality, a research for the new and a fast, impeccable service.

State Of The Art Offices


State Of The Art Offices


When the detail makes the difference

As is now known, the mobile market is evolving and to “keep pace” with the changes you need to propose new ideas, customizing your own product.
This is the goal of Metal Fly – specialist for over 25 years in the field of subcontracting furniture: offer the best solution to every possible need, developing, in addition to standard items, customized products according to the demands and technical drawings of customer.
The long experience allows it to offer a wide range of articles, giving more room for new ideas to meet the market demands.
Some examples are:
Legs for desks and other iron components for office furniture;
chromed feet or painted for sofas;
bridge bars, ladders, proteggini, slat base supporting a wide range of trapezoidal and cube for beds;
mechanisms for raising network, mesh nets and staves;
pipes for wardrobe painted by D. 18, 15 × 30 × 22:15 plated / coated pipes and 15 × 30 aluminum bedroom furniture …
The headquarters, located in Lucrezia of Cartoceto (PU) covers an area of ​​8.000mq.
Thanks to its own internal implant of epoxy powder coating is able to provide a finished product, complete packaging, in addition to a delivery service with its own means.
A workforce of about 70 employees and the availability of advanced technology, guarantees the quality and durability of the articles in time, respecting the most demanding European standards.
In response to requests or sending of technical drawings, the Metal Fly Srl is able to submit the best deals and, if evaluated positively, is provided to sending a free sample, in order to verify with his own hand article.